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We support the craft of the cooper and we really do like cask ales, especially from wooden barrels - of which we have several.

"Craft beer" is not an issue; if you like it, drink it.

We happen to like Beer From The Wood.

We are a registered Trade Mark, with two marks!

Trade Mark number

"Beer from The Wood"
"Beers from the Wood".

This covers both our ".com" websites.

Fully supporting small and independent U.S. craft breweries
Brewers Association 

Supporting cask & beer quality.
We sat & passed two online certificates, from Cask Marque and Beer Marque.
Cask Marque
Beer Marque  

Supporting safety for all.
Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation that isn't safe or makes you feel uncomfortable. In Ask for Angela premises you can discreetly ask for help from a member of staff if this happens.
Ask Angela 

Our site can be checked out at:-

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Trade Mark number - UK00003278222