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Beer From The Wood, Northern Ireland Branch (BFTW) has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate the BFTW's firm commitment to your privacy. The following discloses the BFTW's information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site:


Beerfromthewood and Beersfromthewood are now registered under Trade Mark number - UK00003278222, and this includes nomenclature, images and intellectual property, etc. We reserve the right to legally pursue those who infringe on our rights.


We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) where it impacts on the group.

This site contains links to other sites. BFTW is not responsible for the privacy practices, cookies, security or the content of such web sites.
This website does not use internal cookies. Links to other sites may have associated cookies and are not related to this site.
No data mining software is used on this site.

This website is the official website for BFTW. We do not support any websites purporting to be the mainstay of "Beer(s) from the Wood" (unless sanctioned by BFTW and on a Links Page). BFTW does not condone such ambiguity and recommend such websites be totally ignored. While BFTW does utilize the services of select online partners, we do not sell, trade or share a visitor's information with these partners.

Our site uses online and downloadable forms for membership and event booking. We collect visitor's contact information (for example, their e-mail address). Contact information from the forms is used for the purposes of registration. Contact information is also used to get in touch with the member when necessary about BFTW business. It is never passed to a third party. Members may wish to avail of special offers, discounts etc. from businesses supplying such schemes. It is up to the members to give their own information to such schemes. Members may ask for a full view of their registration details being held and may ask for certain, or all, details to be amended or deleted. Deletion is done fully and contact will therefore be lost between the group and that member.


The BFTW Branch Chairman, nor its members, cannot be held responsible for comments made unofficially, using any medium, by any of its members. Such comments are their own property.
First contact with regards to BFTW must be made to Admin (link is below).


The BFTW does not knowingly collect personal data from children. We do protect the privacy of children who may accidentally disclose their personal data to us. Membership age is 18 or over and we ask potential membership to confirm this when applying.

SafeSurf Rated Adults Only


The BFTW uses secure storage and backup for the workings, routines and documentation etc. of the BFTW, but cannot be held responsible for third party storage and security.

BFTW may store member addresses and emails for the purpose of BFTW communication to members. Members may opt out of this storage at any time by contacting the Chairman.


All cheques and orders must be made payable to BFTW


Unfortunately, due to the amount of 'spam' received, our contact form has been removed, but if you wish to contact us for any reason then please use the email address below.

This uses a 'captcha' to hide the actual email address so if you click the coloured link you will be asked to enter a code before the email will be shown. We hope that this is not too inconvenient.



The constitution of the BFTW


Trade Mark number - UK00003278222